Er. Rasheed Asks Mehbooba Not To Forget Huriyat is Creation Of Militants, Militancy Is Not Creation Of Huriyat………

Calling PDP a party of hypocrites, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has expressed surprise over party’s seeking help from Huriyat leadership to end up militancy.

While interacting with a group of youth from Srinagar, Er. Rasheed said that on one side PDP leadership begs Huriyat for peace and seeks its intervention to end militancy but on the other hand, the party has bundles Huriyat leaders to New Delhi for getting them humiliated at the hands of investigating Agencies, Indian media and politicians. Er. Rasheed said “How can Huriyat help in ending militancy if New Delhi has made Huriyat defunct and is ignoring the basic fact that Huriyat is creation of militancy and militancy is not their creation.

Whatsoever Mehbooba Mufti has said in Srinagar during Public Meet on Kashmir dispute is nothing but to strengthen New Delhi’s weak view point on Kashmir, make pro-resistance leadership irrelevant and mislead the world community. She needs to learn that it is only UN resolutions and nothing else that make J&K an internationally recognized dispute.

Let Mehbooba Mufti realize that main stream has failed to deliver since 1996, when first time elections were held and main stream promised stars and moons from the sky. Due to its own utterances and politics of deception main stream has lost the right to speak over Kashmir issue and anything spoken by the major main stream parties will be seen as an desperate attempt to restore the credibility of the bulldozed main stream”.

Er. Rasheed asked Mehbooba Mufti to explain that if Party seeks help f resistance leaders and at the same time puts them behind bars, why should Mirwaiz be not allowed to put forward his view point over the allegations leveled against him by various agencies. He said “It is shameful that while Govt. accuses Mirwaiz of making money out of the movement, Govt. is stopping him from speaking the truth.

People would have been the best to judge what Mirwaiz is speaking. By not allowing him the press conference Govt. has exposed itself and it is proven beyond doubt that due to fear of exposing the Govt. and its agencies, Mirwaiz was not allowed to speak and New Delhi wants him to say only that part of the story what may suit to it”.


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