Tips to Increase 4G Internet Speed if Your Jio 4G Internet Speed is Low…………

In September of 2016, Reliance launched Jio SIM with unlimited data and free voice calling and messaging facilities.

Since then, the demand for this seam has been increasing. So now the speed of this web interface is decreasing. If you are overwhelmed by the speed of the Net, then the news is for you. But you have a 4G Mobile and Jio SIM card of Reliance and if you do the following, then your speed can increase.

Change phone settings

1) First, go to the phone’s settings

2) In the setting, click on the mobile network option.

3) There are many options but you can check the access point name in it

4) In this, you will see many names that you can select from the APN

5) There may be slight changes in the phone, but going to the phone settings you have to select the APN.

6) In addition, your phone should have Preferred Network LTE.

7) To clear your phone’s cache from time to time.


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