Hang Er Rasheed on four way, Javaid Beigh in assembly. I will love to get hanged for seeking Right to Self determination. Er Rashid responds. Says Sallahudin and Zakir Moosa are not terrorists but those encouraging terrorism inside assembly………

In the state assembly collation members crossed all limits today when they physically tried to manhandle Er Rasheed and Javaid Beigh threatened Er Rasheed of hanging him on the four way. As soon as the session began Er Rashid along with other members raised protest against media not being allowed in the assembly to watch the proceedings. However Er Rashid entered well of the house and snatched the contents of the proceedings from Haseeb Drabu which he was reading. Later when Muhammad Shafi Uri narrated a couplet “Na samjhoge tooh mit jawoge—,” Er Rasheed asked him to complete the same and Javaid Beigh dared Er Rasheed to complete the remaining part of couplet. Er Rashid responded by saying “Na samjho gay tooh mit jawoge Hindustan walo, Tumhari dastaan tak na hogi dastanunu mai.” This created much panic with the ruling bench  MLA’s led by BJP president Satpal Sharma and Javaid Beigh lashed out at Er Rasheed and used abusive language. Javaid Beigh said that Er Rasheed deserved to be hanged at four way for his anti-India ideology and Er Rashid responded that this mentality should make the world know that who are the terrorists. Amid threats from ruling alliance Er Rasheed loudly said “you have been accusing Zakir Moosa and Sallahudin as terrorists but world community should know that the real terrorists and intolerants are there in the J&K assembly. You people have been not only killing Kashmiris only but Indians also in the name of cows and all your efforts to dilute the disputed character of J&K will be dealt with strongly” Er Rasheed said that the GST crisis issue has exposed Indian claims that J&K is India’s integral part, as had it been so easy then they could have implemented GST directly on J&K, and it is ample proof that J&K is not India and India is not J&K, nor is J&K like any other state of India. Er Rasheed reiterated that J&K is neither integral part nor Pakistan’s jugular vein, but the territory on both sides including Gilit-Baltistan is a disputed territory and hallow claims cannot make it any body’s integral part. Er Rashid strongly reacted to Javaid beigh and said that if speaking truth needs to get hanged I will love to get hanged for my people with love and willingness. Er Rashid accused PDP of selling its conscience and cheating the people of J&K but added that all the unconstitutional steps are helping Kashmir cause and the moves to integrate J&K with rest of India will miserably fail.


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