Who forced Bashir Lashkari to become militant again, All deaths including those of militants are condemnable: Er. Rasheed……

Accusing the Govt. and its security agencies of celebrating the deaths of Kashmiris including civilians and the militants, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has said that New Delhi is more interested in killing and controlling Kashmiris by bullets rather showing any desire for a peaceful settlement to Kashmir dispute. Reacting to Dialgam encounter Er. Rasheed in a statement said that while police and other security agencies have enough reasons to justify the encounter but calling the death of Lashkar commander Bashir Lashkari and his colleague a big success carries no weight. Er. Rasheed said “The version of security agencies after every encounter even may carry some weight but the perception among masses is completely against security forces and New Delhi. The state whom forces claim to be defending in true terms seizes to exist on the ground if its people are against it, as it is the people who constitute the main ingredients of the state. If the state apparatus itself claims to be at war with militants and proudly celebrates their deaths, then it has no moral right to question all those including militants and common masses who do not question the killings by militants. Before condemning Bashir Lashkari the Govt. must answer why he was forced to re-join the militant outfits due to sever torture and humiliation by various agencies. The govt. when asked, never answer in the assembly that why was Bashir Lashkari forced to become militant. Both militants and the forces are claiming to be fighting for their respective ideologies but the public perception favours militants , thus every effort to label the militants as criminals and killers falls flat on moral grounds”. Er. Rasheed added that use of force in Dialgam which resulted in two more deaths of civilians is one more slap on the security agencies and both their aggression and propaganda against militants has proved counterproductive as usual.


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