Blood of Kashmiris doesn’t seem important to the US: Pakistan…….

Pakistan has expressed concern over the attitude of the US administration’s towards the people of Kashmir and their freedom struggle, saying  it “seems as though the blood of Kashmiris in not at all important to the US.”
Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said the United States (US) President Donald Trump was ‘speaking India’s language’.
His remarks came a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Trump during an official trip to the US.
“It seems as though the blood of Kashmiris in not at all important to the US, and international laws relating to human rights do not apply to Kashmir,” Nisar was quoted as saying by
He also accused India of grave human rights violations in Kashmir.
“India is trying to paint ‘freedom fighters as terrorists, and Indian acts should concern every principled nation,” he said.
“Deliberately overlooking the worst kind of state terrorism in Kashmir has not only adversely impacted the values of justice and international principles, but also laid bare the double standards of powers who claim to champion human rights and democratic values,” he said.
Nisar also reteiterated that the Pakistani government would not compromise on the rights of Kashmiris, and that the struggle would continue until Kashmiris receive justice and their rights as defined in United Nations’ resolutions.
“The nation is united in sending a message of solidarity to Kashmir, and remains firmly committed to providing Kashmir diplomatic, political and moral support,” he added

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