664 ‘stone throwers’ lodged at Juvenile Home since 2011

More than 664 juveniles booked on charges of stone-pelting have been lodged in Kashmir’s lone Juvenile Home at Harwan here since 2011, official data has revealed.
The data, compiled by Superintendent of the Juvenile Home, reads that 664 juveniles, involved in incidents of stone-pelting, have been received and bailed out from 23-9-2011 till 17-6-2017.

Interestingly, stone-pelting tops the list of categories of alleged offences for which the juveniles have been booked for and lodged at the Juvenile Home.
Since 2011, 38 juveniles have been booked in murder cases, but 35 of them have been bailed out while three are serving punishment at the Juvenile Home at present,
Similarly, 124 juveniles have been kept in the Juvenile Home in connection with cases related to alleged rape. Of these, 122 have been bailed out from time to time since 2011 while two are present lodged there.

173 juveniles have been booked for alleged theft, 13 for alleged possession of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS), 14 for “militancy-related issues”, 09 for negligent/ missing cases and one for phone/CD cases.
The data further reveals that 10 juveniles have been brought to the Juvenile Home for involvement in accident-related incidents, 12 for exam frauds, 53 for quarrel cases and three for arson.
“Nine people have been logged in Juvenile Home for kidnapping-related cases, nine for preventive majors/Awara, one for anti-religious cases and three for simple custody,” the data reads.
One minor has been booked for suicide related case, one for gambling and one for “giving poison to a person.” “Two people have been arrested for fire, two for explosive cases and four for anti-national act(s),” the data reads.
A total of 1,153 juveniles have been lodged in the Juvenile Home of whom 1,130 have been bailed out, three have escaped and 20 are at present serving punishment


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