Employees protest against new job policy

Scores of newly inducted employees staged a protest here in summer capital and demanded revocation of new job policy introduced after widespread resentment in year 2015.
The employees assembled at Pratap Park here and staged a demonstration against SRO-202, alleging that inconsistencies in the policy have added more frustration among both employed and unemployed youth of Jammu and Kashmir.
“There are several flaws in the implementation of the policy: the selection process takes more than one year, it has failed to induct the promised number of youths and the salaries vary from person to person,” said Arif Ahmad, an employee. He said the Government should revoke the new job policy as it is very hard for new recruits to manage in this meager salary.
“How can we run our families? Moreover, there are inordinate delays in the recruitment process,” he said. Pertinently, Jammu and Kashmir Government applied new job policy SRO 202 in 2015.  As per the job policy, the new recruits will get around Rs 9000 as fixed pay for the first five years of service without any increments


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