Kill all militants in Valley within 2 months: Modi govt to army, says a report


The government of India has given two months to the army to wipe out all traces of insurgency in the Kashmir Valley, a report published on a defence news portal on June 5 said.

It said that the government has given “the army a free hand to deal with the situation”, adding that additional army men have been sent to the Valley to eradicate the militants.

The police personnel with residences in south Kashmir have been advised not to go home for another two months, the report added.

“The Army won’t be bogged down by political interference while dealing with the situation in the Valley, the government has made it clear,” the report said.

“The army is going for the kill,” the report quoted sources as saying.

“They (militants) have to be gunned down and there are no two ways about it, the source also said,” the report added.

The report claimed that 20 militants were killed in recent strikes on various Pakistani posts along the Line of Control (LoC).

“There is only one way to deal with the problem and that is with an iron hand. India will show Pakistan that it is no longer a soft state. If there is a genuine attempt made by Pakistan to talk peace, then it could be considered,” the report said.


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