Er. Rasheed pays tributes to those killed in Operation Blue Star


Er. Rasheed pays tributes to those killed in Operation Blue StarAppeals Minorities in India to unite for their existence.

Paying tributes to those who lost their lives during operation blue star, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er. Rasheed has expressed solidarity with the Sikh community on the 33rd anniversary of the dirty operation. In a statement issued today, Er., Rasheed said that 6th June  is one among the darkest pages of Indian history when thousands of Sikhs  including men, women and children were butchered in Golden Temple. He said “Those talking of intolerance and radicalisation in India need to answer that how Indian state through its Army carried out the worst brutal attack on the most holy place of Sikh community. In fact it was a reward to those Sikh leaders including Master Tara Singh, who went all out against Muslim league and those seeking creation of Pakistan. Had the Sikh leaders shown maturity at that time things would have been altogether different and the geography of the subcontinent would have not been what it exists today.” Er. Rasheed said that not only Sikhs but all minorities including Muslims are facing a serious threat of ethnic cleansing in India and the 6thJune reminds every minority community in India to stand up against the Hindu fascist forces who have already threatened to make India minority free by 2021.

Syed Aijaz kashani youth activist AIP


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