Modi govt serious on showing of banned TV channels in Kashmir valley

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Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Venkaiah Naidu today said the Government was serious on the issue of  telecast of banned TV channels in the Kashmir valley.

“We have given the District Magistrates power to take action against the banned channels but if they do not perform their duties then we will have to look into it,” he said.

Addressing reporters here,  Mr Naidu  said the Government was committed to taking stringent action against any offenders.

Media reports from Kashmir has claimed that the local cable operators in the valley are streaming TV channels which are banned by the Indian Government.

When his attention was drawn on whether the Government would provide pension to the woman affected from triple talaq, the Union minister said, “Triple Talaq is a social evil and our government had already given its view on the matter.”

“The matter is now in the Supreme Court and we will have to wait for its observation,” he stated.

However, Mr Naidu gave a new meaning of MODI, saying that now it means ” Making of Developed India.”



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