Gilgit Baltistan is an integral part of the erstwhile state of JK: KVI


In a meeting of Kashmir Voice International (KVI) held in London today, serious concern was expressed by its members regarding the move of Pakistan government to integrate Gilgit Baltistan as the fifth province of the country.

 Javid Kakroo, Secretary, Kashmir Voice International (KVI) London in a statement said that such a move will be quite derogatory to the spirit of freedom movement and amounts to you turn of Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir.

Prof M. A. Raina Chairman KVI said that Pakistan on one hand talks about UN resolutions and on the other hand moves to integrate a part of the state with itself. This is a clear drift of Pakistan from its own stand on Kashmir. He further said that the future political status of the whole state of Jammu & Kashmir is yet to be determined and state is not only the part held by India but it includes Pakistan held Kashmir including Gilgit Baltistan.

Secretary KVI Mr. Javid Kakroo said that Gilgit Baltistan is an integral part of the erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir. This move of Pakistan government is complete negation of what Pakistan has been advocating so far. He further said that people of the state from both sides of LOC would resist and fight against any move that separates Gilgit Baltistan from rest of the state.

Vice Chairman KVI Irshad Malik moved a condolence resolution for the untimely death of the founder of People’s League Nazir Ahmed Wani in USA. While hailing the contribution of Mr. Wani the members prayed for the departed soul and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family


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