My fight is against RSS: Karra

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Former senior leader People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and Member of Parliament, Tariq Hameed Karra said that his fight is against policies of RSS which are against the people of valley.

In a press conference in Srinagar Karra , who recently joined congress said that the congress extended him full support in highlighting the Kashmir issue and the issues of Kashmiris.

Karra said, “I won’t leave any stone unturned to fight against the anti-people policies of RSS. My fight is particularly against the RSS.”

 Takinga dig at People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Karra said that in 2014 elections, the people of Kashmir exercised their franchise to keep the BJP who have RSS backing at bay.

“We went in every nook and corner during the elections and asked the people to vote for us so that the BJP would be kept at bay. The people understood the thing and casted their votes in our favour but unfortunately PDP betrayed the trust of people and forged an alliance with the same party,” Karra said.

Karra who returned to Valley today after more than a month said that he urged the former chief minister, Late Mufti Muhammad Sayeed and the incumbent Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti to don’t form the government with BJP.

“However, after the PDP formed the dispensation with BJP, the people of Kashmir got alienated with them thereby resulted in aggression. The encounter in 2016 was just a spark. The fact is that the people of Kashmir had shown their resentment against them,” he said.

 Karra said that the alliance between PDP and BJP was aimed to get different packages. “The financial packages won’t yield any result but the political package to resolve the Kashmir issue imperative. Until the Kashmir issue won’t be resolved, such unrests would continue in the future,” he said.

 Citing reasons to join congress, he said , “I was thinking to join the party who will extend me full support in highlighting the Kashmir issue, issues of Kashmiri, who will strengthen the Article 370 further and will support in my fight against RSS. When I met the All India Congress Committee (AICC) President, Sonia Gandhi and Vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, they extended me full support I was aspiring thereby I decided to join the party”.

He said that the Congress party is mulling to formulate a committee which will be given a full mandate to talk with the Pakistan, Hurriyat and the people of Kashmir.

“The discussion in the party is ongoing over formulating a committee which will highlight the issue of Kashmir. The committee will be given full mandate to talk with Pakistan, Hurriyat and with the people of Kashmir. It would our support in resolving the Kashmir issue so that the people could feel a sigh of relief,” he said



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