BJP to field Sofi Yousuf from Anantnag, Youth candidate for Srinagar

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Er Aijaz, Ambardar under consideration

Khanna contradicts Koul’s announcement of contesting

Ahead of parliamentary polls in Srinagar and Anantnag constituencies all the major political parties of valley have announced their candidatures while Bhartiay Janta party (BJP) is yet to announce the much speculated announcement.

Sources in the party said that the BJP the party high command is considering a candidate from the youth wing for the Srinagar seat while for the Anantnag seat Member of Legislative Council (MLC) Sofi Yousf.

Sources said that the party high command in Delhi is serious about the projection of youth in valley citing reasons of new India. Pertinently Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing gathering in Utar Pradesh after winning the polls said the ‘New India’ has emerged where 65% population is youth.  He also credits youth for BJP’s win in the UP.

Sources told that the PM is desirous to strengthen the party in Kashmir valley which according to the party sources high command believes is the major reason of BJP’s growth Kashmir. Party sources in delhi hold that Avniah Rai Khanna Member of Parliament and national Vice President of BJP will arrive valley tomorrow. He is scheduled to hold meeting with state’s top leadership, activist besides holding a youth joining program in Srinagr.

Sat Sharma MlA and State President BJP J&K, Ashok Koul General Secretary organisation has already arrived to discuss the candidature for the polls. Sources said that besides MLC Sofi Yousf for Anantnag, Er Aijaz Hussain and Surender Ambardar is a considerable choice according to the party leadership.

Er Aijaz who is State vice president for BJP youth wing has tirelessly working for the party to strengthen its youth wing which has made BJP to hold several youth conventions and rallies in this volatile  atmosphere post Hizib Militant Burahan Wani’s killing.

Sources said that Er Aijaz belonging to Shia community has a good edge in shia dominated areas in Budgam, Srinagar and Ganderbal besides having a youth edge.

While Ambardar, who is a Kashmir Pandith is also a considerable choice for the BJP in Srinagar parliamentary seat. Sources added that is it’s believed that the Ambadar can fetch pandith votes which can be damaging for the PDP and NC candidates.  “On the other hand Er Aijaz can be proven as another damaging factor for the senior political parties in the Srinagar constituency”, sources added.

Sources further said that the recent suggestive proposal of home ministry to promote Shia,Gujar and Bakerwals is also an indication of projecting minority candidate from BJP.

While talking to Avniah Rai Khanna, National Vice President of BJP told that BJP is yet to decide whether to contest or not.

When asked about the BJP leader Ashok Koul’s recent announcement for polls, he said, “I am coming to J&K to discuss the matter and to decide what to do”.

Khanna did not buy the announcement of Koul. He said the candidature will be decided after the decision after contesting would be finalised.

Khanna seems annoyed with the Koul’s prior announcement adding that it will be party high command to decide.

When contacted, BJP leader Ashok Koul, he said that his announcement was a desire from the state leadership and voice of the people. He said, “We want to contest the polls. I stand by my announcement as it is the decision of the state leadership”. When asked about the candidates, he said Sofi Yousf’s candidature is a speculation adding that the parties will surely project youth if high command wishes so. 



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