Traffic update for 09.03.2017. ( No traffic movement tomorrow on NHW)


In view of fresh snowfall at Jawahar Tunnel and continuous rainfall at various places of National Highway coupled with occurring of land slides/ shooting stones at Battery Cheshma, Anookhi Fall and Digdol areas, no movement of traffic either from Jammu or Srinagar shall be allowed on Jammu-Srinagar NHW tomorrow on 09.03.2017 in order to ensure safety/security of the passengers/drivers.

Strong nakas shall be established at appropriate places for implementation of the directions in letter and spirit to avoid any eventuality. Close co-ordination needs to be made with District Police for better results on ground.

People are requested to contact TCU Srinagar (01942450022, 2485396), TCU Ramban (9419993745) and TCU Jammu (01912459048, 9419147732) and officers of Traffic wing to get the status of the road.


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