Hurriyat condemns use of brute forces against Zamrooda, protesters


Shahid Wani:::::::

Hurriyat conference strongly condemned the use of brute force against peaceful protestors in Press Colony Srinagar and said that even the women participants were subjected to harsh treatment and humiliation.

“Use of excessive and unprecedented force is highly condemnable and there is no justification for this lawlessness”, said Hurriyat.
Hurriyat said that some police officers are resorting to this type of highhandedness and bullying just for securing awards and rewards.
“It was a peaceful sit in protest   to express solidarity and raise voice for their release”, said Hurriyat.
“There were no apprehensions about law and order nor it created any problem for road traffic”, they said.
However, a police officer deliberately created nuisance, said Hurriyat and arrested many leaders and humiliated women participants. They said that it is highly deplorable that Hurriyat leader, Zamrooda Habib was manhandled and humiliated by said police officer


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