Boy dies after getting punched by younger cousin


Shahid Wani:::::::::

A fourteen year old boy died after he was punched by his cousin. He was rushed to the Esra Hospital where doctors said he went into coma.

The fight between the boys took place on February 6, at their house in Panjesha area.

The younger cousin teased Faizan for losing a Ludo game to which prompted him to start a fight. According to doctors the boy suffered a cardiac arrest in the early morning on Sunday. A case has been booked against the boy for culpable homicide under IPC 304.

According official sources, “When Faizan lost the game; his younger cousin started teasing him. Faizan slapped him. In retaliation, the younger cousin hit back.”

The doctors, who treated him, are unable to ascertain the cause behind the boy going into the coma. Doctors at Esra hospital are not willing to disclose the details


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