Traffic Plan for 04.02.2017



Shahid Wani::::::

In view of continuous sliding at Mehar (Ramban) since yesterday morning and fresh sliding at lower Digdol, major portion of the road at these locations remained covered with huge piles of muck, which in spite of strenuous efforts by the concerned road maintenance agencies could not be cleared fully and makes the movement of traffic difficult. However, the process of clearing these slides shall continue till the road is made worthy for smooth movement of traffic.

In view of the above, no movement of fresh traffic either from Jammu or Srinagar shall be allowed on Jammu-Srinagar NHW tomorrow on 04.02.2017 keeping in view the security/ safety of drivers/passengers. However, subject to fair weather and after completion of the restoration work the vehicles stranded between Udhampur – Jawahar Tunnel shall be cleared and allowed to proceed towards their respective destinations.

Moreover, keeping in view the safety/ security of the drivers/passengers and keeping in view the prediction of rain/snowfall, all the Dy.SsP Traffic/DTIs/SOs shall ensure that no vehicles are parked between Jawahar Tunnel South portal to Nowgam village and between Jawahar Tunnel North portal to Lower Munda under any circumstances. These areas being dangerous and avalanche zones should be kept free from any kind of traffic. Any deviation will attract strict against the concerned officer.

Strong nakas shall be established at appropriate places for implementation of the directions in letter and spirit to avoid any eventuality. Close co-ordination needs to be made with District Police for better results on ground.

People are requested to contact TCU Srinagar 01942450022, 2485396), TCU Ramban (9419993745) and TCU Jammu (01912459048) and officers of Traffic wing to get the status of the road.


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