Srinagar-Jammu highway closed for fifth consecutive day


Shahid Wani:-

The strategic Srinagar-Jammu national highway remained closed for the fifth consecutive day on Sunday as authorities said snow and landslide clearance is still going on the road.

“Heavy snow accumulation in Bannihal and landslides in Panthal and some other places in Ramban sector have forced closure of the highway,” a traffic department official said.

“Snow and landslide clearance is in progress and once the road is traffic worthy, we will allow only those vehicles which are stranded at various locations on the highway.

“No movement of traffic will be allowed from Jammu or Srinagar on the highway on Sunday to ensure the safety of passengers and vehicles,” the official said.

The closure of the highway, which is the lifeline of essential supplies to the landlocked Kashmir Valley, has caused shortage of vegetables, mutton etc.

Authorities assert enough supplies of petroleum products including cooking gas were available in the valley, but people in many areas have been complaining of shortages.

Air traffic into the valley was restored after four days on Saturday, but all flights scheduled for the afternoon were cancelled due to bad weather


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