Train Timeing of DMU’s in Kashmir Valley effecting from Ist January 2017

Shahid Wani 

NEW TRAIN TIME… 01.Jan , 2017

Banihal to Baramula
7; 15 AM, 8; 15 AM, 9; 10 AM, 11.50AM, 2;35PM, 4; 10PM

Banihal to Budgam
7; 15 AM, 8; 15 AM, 9; 10AM, 10; 15 AM, 11; 50 AM, 12; 50 PM, 2; 35 PM, 4; 10PM, 5; 25 PM, 6; 25PM

👉 From Anantnag to Baramulla/Budgam add 40 minutes of departure time of all the trains leaving from Banihal

Budgam to Baramulla
7; 10AM, 8; 15AM, 9; 15AM, 9; 55AM, 11; 10AM, 2; 10PM, 3; 15PM 4; 50PM, 6; 15PM

Baramulla to Banihal
8; 15AM, 9; 25 AM, 10; 50AM, 3; 15PM, 4;25PM

Baramulla to Budgam
8; 15AM, 9; 25AM, 10; 50AM, 11; 40AM, 12; 35 PM, 3; 15PM, 4; 25PM, 5; 25 PM, 5; 55PM

Budgam To Banihal
7AM, 8AM, 9; 15AM, 10; 25AM, 11; 40AM, 1; 55PM, 3; 15PM, 4;20PM, 5; 20PM; 5; 40PM

This Train Timing is Brought to you by Chinese Acupuncture Center of Kashmir.

Good News for the patients of Kashmir Valley. Cure your Pain through Acupuncture treatment.


🏥Dr Muhammad Ashraf(Acupuncture Speciliast)
M. D, Ph. D, DNYS, D.AC,G.AC, China {Gold Medalist}

💊Acupuncture, Hearbal Medicine, Breathing Techniques, Yoga and Naturopathy Challenging Treatment with Challenging results.

🔬Specialist in:-
Pain, Polio, Paralysis, Spondolysis, Sciatica, Osteo-Arthritis, Rheumatism, Asthma, Allergy, Jaundice, Speech Disorders, Chronic & Acute Cases, Difficult and Sexual Cases, Disc-Prolape[Without Surgery].

💉Acupuncture plays an important role to relieve pain of any kind, whether it may be chronic or mild in nature. It is very popular as an alternative medicine throughout the world.
The treatment is accepted & recognised by worldwide {WHO}.
Take its full advantage for your ailing through Chinese acupuncture treatment with its latest techniques of China & Korea especially for pain. It also extracts the side effects of the pharmacauticals.It doesn’t have any side effects, It also improves the immune system, thus corrects the auto -immune disorder.

For more information visit us or call us on:-


1) Lasjan Morning 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM and Evening 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
2) Batamalo 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Sunday Closed.

🏥1-Diya-Rul-Anwar Colony Lasjan-B Srinagar- 191101 and
Sadiqabad Batmaloo Srinagar- 190010.
Jammu Address:- 261 Rehari colony, Near Education Board Jammu
Contact us on:-
9622648559 and 7006138560


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